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Team up with Trip Designs to make the most out of your next group trip.

At Trip Designs, we take your group’s travel experience, convenience, and safety as our ultimate priorities. We thrive on providing comprehensive concierge travel services at no additional cost to you.

Our seasoned Group Travel Planners have a decades-long expertise in designing the most memorable group travel experiences, at a cost up to 20% lower than our competition – including major airlines, major travel agencies and small travel agents.

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Let us be your one-stop-shop for all your student, business group or athletic team travel needs.

Local tours, attractions & sightseeing
Local restaurants
Group Travel insurance
Detailed customized itineraries

And, best of all, you get around-the-clock support from your dedicated Group Travel Planner as an added-value service.

As a coach, having a resource such as Trip Designs saves me a huge amount of time in the planning stages, gives parents and coaches peace of mind, and provides trust that every avenue has been explored to have the easiest, most cost effective, and most enjoyable trip available for the whole team. When traveling with athletes, especially abroad, it takes a lot of time and effort to plan and coordinate departure and arrival times, the overall length of the trip, visas, safety concerns. But with the help of Trip Designs, we had several flight and accommodation options to consider, and numerous ideas on how to save money where appropriate.

I continue to use Trip Designs as a travel resource, and I am constantly astonished at the level of personal attention, quality of customer services and cost-effective travel solutions they provide.— Tammy McGregor Coach, Walnut Creek Aquanuts

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